Epson EB-1410Wi


Interactive meeting room system

Connecting the EB-1410Wi to a computer, users can operate computer software with the interactive pens in the same way as a mouse, and can also digitally annotate the projection. With up to a 100-inch screen-size, a multi-source video conference and presentation can be displayed in split-screen, without compromising on image size.

Advanced features:

including Wi-Fi interactivity and dual pen operation, help boost the meeting creativity. The same image can be annotated remotely, with the multi-location function enabling up to four networked projection systems to be connected at the same time.

PC-free interactivity:

PC-free interactivity lets users annotate projections from a range of devices, such as an Epson visualiser or a USB memory stick, without connecting to a PC. Smart devices and tablets are also easily connected using the iProjection application.


In whiteboard mode:

In whiteboard mode, previous meeting notes can be loaded and revised, or new notes taken. The EB-1410Wi has capacity for up to 50 pages per meeting and user-friendly tools such as 'undo' help rectify mistakes instantly. Notes can be saved or shared via office networks, USB, or email. Compatibility with office printers1, such as the Epson WorkForce Pro series, means notes are easily printed too.
The EB-1410Wi comes with high security protocols2 for wireless and USB access can be disabled to comply with corporate information security policies.

Key Benefits

Super bright output
3,100 lumens White Light Output and 3,100 lumens Colour Light Output
Multi-purpose integrated device
Advanced features
Save, edit, share meeting notes
Combines several meeting functions
Simple set-up and no training needed
1. Compatible emulations: PCL6, ESC/P-R, ESC/Page, ESC/Page-Color 2 Wireless security with WPA/WPA2-PSK, WPA/WPA2-EAP. (Supported EAP type: PEAP, PEAP-TLS, EAP-TLS, EAP-Fast, LEAP.)

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