Epson EB-475Wi


Widescreen Interactive Projections

Bring your classroom presentations to life without installing expensive interactive whiteboards. Epson's EB-475Wi comes with many new features, such as dual pen control, PC-free connectivity and HDMI input, and provides a complete package for engaging learning.

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Large fully interactive projections
With Epson's EB-475Wi, you can easily achieve a large projected image size of up to 100 inches/254cm that's fully interactive, right up to the corners. Thanks to the ultra-short-throw design, you can project a 75-inch/190cm image from just 15.5cm away, and annotating can easily be done without casting distracting shadows.
You're in control
This is Epson's first interactive projector to feature two digital pens that allow teachers and students to work together at the same time. These pens are more responsive and easier to use than previous models, thanks to the new 'hover' function that accurately detects the position of the pen when not in contact with the projection surface. The automatic calibration and the driver-less installation means that set-up is extremely fast and easy.
Everything you need
This package includes the projector, wall-mount and two digital pens, and doesn’t need a separate screen. It can be mounted in four different ways to maximise learning opportunities: on your wall, on the ceiling or even to the underneath or side of a desk. Mounting to a desk allows groups to work together on documents or multimedia files.
Easy installation and control
Epson has designed this projector to be quick to set up and use. You simply turn on and plug in - there's no warm-up time involved. The image is calibrated automatically and there's also a 16W built-in speaker. You don't even need to switch on your PC as the built-in 'instant annotation' tool allows you to draw on any projected background or video.
Low costs
With the Epson EB-475Wi, running costs are kept low with the long lamp life of 4,000 hours or four years*1, in eco mode, and the 5,000-hour filter life.
High-quality images
Epson's 3LCD technology ensures high-quality images with its equally high White and Colour Light Output for vivid, natural colours and deep blacks, even in daylight. The HDMI input also means high-definition content can be displayed with maximum clarity. *1 Assuming an average usage of five hours per day for 200 days per year
Key Benefits
SUPER BRIGHT OUTPUT 2,600 lumens White/Colour Light Output ULTRA-SHORT-THROW Reduces shadows and glare Interactive Works Horizontal and vertically LARGE IMAGE Up to 100 inches EASY TO USE Dual pens, automatic calibration
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