Code Description
IHOME90VW-2E28 ELIIHOME90VW-2E28 Elite Evanesce Home 
IHOME106VW2-E18 ELIIHOME106VW2-E18 Elite Evanesce Home 
IHOME126HW2E20 ELIIHOME126HW2E20 Elite Evanesce Home2 Elec 
IHOME100XW2E24 ELIIHOME100XW2E24 Elite Evanesce Home2 Elec 
Evanesce Tension Series Accessories included with screen
IR & RF -Remote Control, Built-in 5-12volt Trigger, Low Voltage Internal IR/RF Receiver 
Low Volatge 3-way wall switch for in-line control & extended IR "eye" sensor,
for in-ceiling IR operation, 15a SA plugtop
The 5-10volt trigger port uses standard RJ45 connection to synchronize
with the Projector, Mounting brackets included
CineWhite PVC tension Material to provide uniform flatness on projection surface
  • Epson
  • Philips
  • elo
  • Sony
  • NEC
  • Adobe
  • samsung
  • JBL1
  • U-Touch
  • Screen Int
  • Elite Screens
  • benq
  • grandview
  • hp
  • bit defender
  • canon
  • Shure
  • mecer
  • panasonic
  • norton
  • Soundcraft
  • toshiba
  • vartech
  • windows
  • Countryman
  • Optoma