Code Code Description
HOME100IWH2E24 ELIHOME100IWH2E24 Elite Electric screen
HOME100IWV2 ELIHOME100IWV2 Elite Electric screen
HOME120IWH2E24 ELIHOME120IWH2E24 Elite Electric screen
HOME120IWV2 ELIHOME120IWV2 Elite Electric screen
HOME135IWH2E24 ELIHOME135IWH2E24 Elite Electric screen
HOME90IWH2E30 ELIHOME90IWH2E30 Elite Electric screen
HOME90IWV2 ELIHOME90IWV2 Elite Electric screen
HOME90IWH2 ELIHOME90IWH2 Elite Electric Screen
HOME75IWH2E30 ELIHOME75IWH2E30 Elite Electric Screen


Home Accessories included with screen
IR & RF -Remote Control, Built-in 5-12volt Trigger, Low Voltage Internal IR/RF Receiver 
Low Volatge 3-way wall switch for in-line control & extended IR "eye" sensor,
for in-ceiling IR operation, 15a SA plugtop
The 5-10volt trigger port uses standard RJ45 connection to synchronize
with the Projector, Mounting brackets included
MaxWhite Fibre Glass backed Material to provide uniform flatness on projection surface
  • Epson
  • Philips
  • elo
  • Sony
  • NEC
  • Adobe
  • samsung
  • JBL1
  • U-Touch
  • Screen Int
  • Elite Screens
  • benq
  • grandview
  • hp
  • bit defender
  • canon
  • Shure
  • mecer
  • panasonic
  • norton
  • Soundcraft
  • toshiba
  • vartech
  • windows
  • Countryman
  • Optoma