Projector Screen Installations

Projector Screen Installation is one of a range of services provided by Panoramix.

Below are the projector screens we are able to install:

Tripod screens  Pull - down screens Pull up screens
Electric screens  Mechanical screens Home theatre screens
Table top screens Tab tension electric screens Front projection screens
Rear projection screens 1:1 aspect ratio screens 4:3 aspect ratio screens
16:9 aspect ratio screens 16:10 aspect Ratio screens Hi-gain Screens
Ceiling mounted screens Wall mounted screens Fixed Framed screens

Our Brands include

Grandview Projector screens Elite Projector Screens
Screen Int. Projector screens  Parrot Projector Screens
JK Projector Screens SeeMax Projector screens


Contact us now for your Projector Screen Installation requirements and we will arrange a site visit.

  • Epson
  • Philips
  • elo
  • Sony
  • NEC
  • Adobe
  • samsung
  • JBL1
  • U-Touch
  • Screen Int
  • Elite Screens
  • benq
  • grandview
  • hp
  • bit defender
  • canon
  • Shure
  • mecer
  • panasonic
  • norton
  • Soundcraft
  • toshiba
  • vartech
  • windows
  • Countryman
  • Optoma