360° Indoor Video Displays



Key Features

  • 360° visibility
  • High resolution & contrast
  • Super bright: 550+ nits
  • Split screen capable
  • Lightbox (optional)*
  • Ceiling mount (optional)*
  • Casters for easy mobility


DynaScan 360 degree indoor video displays are an ideal fit for information broadcasting in high traffic areas such as casinos, subway and train stations, museums, hotel lobbies, shopping malls, food courts, and trade shows. The Indoor Series features high brightness, high resolution, vivid colors, minimal power consumption, and can display multiple videos simultaneously.

Also available in ceiling mount versions, DynaScan Indoor Series models are a strong visual focal point without having to sacrifice floor space. With a display brightness of up to 750 nits (cd/m²), all indoor models produce an image that may easily be seen in brightly lit indoor environments.

Optional light box bases are available to provide extra advertising and branding opportunities with backlit posters.

Vandal Resistant Design

Polycarbonate Shield: Chosen for its high durability and safety, DynaScan utilizes a Lexan® SGC100 polycarbonate shield as a protective barrier.  The outer shield provides protection from the elements as well as the public.  The material is scratch resistant and, unlike glass, will not shatter should it be struck by an object.  Lexan® has 30 up to times the impact strength of acrylic and 10 times that of "impact-modified" acrylic. 

Secure Construction: DynaScan Outdoor Series displays include a secure locking mechanism to help prevent unauthorized access. For permanent installations, displays may be securely anchored to the ground. DynaScan displays with light box bases feature the same durable polycarbonate material used for the display shield, while models without a light box feature strong steel panels to protect inner components.

*Option not currently available for model DS0616.

Parts of the Display


360° Outdoor Video Displays


  • Epson
  • Philips
  • elo
  • Sony
  • NEC
  • Adobe
  • samsung
  • JBL1
  • U-Touch
  • Screen Int
  • Elite Screens
  • benq
  • grandview
  • hp
  • bit defender
  • canon
  • Shure
  • mecer
  • panasonic
  • norton
  • Soundcraft
  • toshiba
  • vartech
  • windows
  • Countryman
  • Optoma